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Queen D'arbo

Queen D’arbo is a 64 page illustrated poem that I began working on in 2011, shortly after adopting D’arbo from the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, D.C. When I started writing this book, D’arbo’s life had just begun, and I had fallen in love with this beautiful, yet strange creature. Caring for her was an absolute joy, and over the years we formed an unbreakable bond. We were inseparable. Although D’arbo left before I was ready to say goodbye, I know just how lucky I was to spend seven years with her by my side.

The book tells the story of the adoption and subsequent strange behavior of an endearing and quirky dog. Every page turn reveals a new and unexpected adventure—from royal tea parties to outdoor excursions; and highlights D'arbo's daily activities with meticulously hand-stitched fabric illustrations. Vibrant colors, funky patterns, and zig-zag stitches make this book a visual delight, and keep readers engaged until the very end. This story is perfect for those who are passionate about animal rescue, and anyone who roots for the underdog.

Me and D'arbo.webp
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